QCWA Board meeting January 19, 2012

Called to order 6:55 pm

Those present Jim B, Skip, Pam acting for Dan, Russ, Bob, Ernest

Bill moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Ernest seconded - all approved

Old business – Monthly breakfast meetings:
Denny’s Hampden & Wadsworth Feb 11
Denny Florida & Havana on March 10

November banquet went well, presented awards, good attendance< Dan/Pam to send membership report to Jim to review, report sent to national by end of the month Bob/Jim to organize photos to send to into QWCA Journal

Need more people to check into the net

New business –

QCWA national to be moving to Texas

Bob asked if anyone is looking at the website. Jim and Pam commented that we looked it recently for activities. Bob asked about the script for CRRG net to mention the breakfasts.

NCARC hamfest – a few members will be attending Jim and Robert to be attending Aurora Repeater Association’s hamfest– February 12th having a table (Adams County Fairgrounds)

Skip to donate some coax to sell at hamfest.

February banquet - February 1:00 happy hour 2:00 dinner – Jim to make arrangements with Windsor Gardens – Jim to send out letter

Pam to check R Wisler for membership in 2011 said he paid but national doesn’t have a record of it.

QST articles about PED and 700,000 licensees Talk about various opportunities for young folks

Bob has been checking into the VA net

Russ moved, Skip seconded, adjourned 7:34 pm